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Covid 19 Protocols – PT TGI

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia consistently implements health protocols in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus at work area

to protect employees, because we believe employees are valuable assets for the company. Health protocols that have been implemented include:

  • Determine working hours and working time
  • Implementation of the Covid-19 protocol at work area
  • Forming the company’s internal Covid-19 Team
  • Perform routine disinfection at work area
  • Take body temperature measurements in the entrance area
  • Provide sanitary hygiene tools such as hand sanitizers in the entrance area and around the work area
  • Provide facilities for washing hands with soap and running water
  • Monitor the health conditions of all employees to ensure that employees are not infected with Covid-19
  • Require guests / visitors to fill out the Covid-19 self-assessment form to avoid transmission caused by outside parties.

To fill out the Covid-19 self-assessment form, you can click QHSE menu on our website , or you can scan QR code attached on this picture article.


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Eye Safety in Workplace

An article in Safety & Health magazine said, every day more than a thousand eye injuries occur at work. Eye injuries result in medical costs of more than $ 3 million annually. Not to mention other impacts that result in decreased or hampered production and compensation costs that must be incurred on workers.

Ironically it should not have happened. Because the use of protective glasses can prevent up to 90% of potential accidents to the eye. However, because lack of awareness of workers who make use of eye protection equipment is often ignored. Therefore, it is very important for all parties to keep reminding why wearing eye protection is very important in the workplace. This is intended to prevent eye injuries.

What kinds of job can be happened to eye hazard?

  1. Work hammering, sculpting, grinding, wood-related work, or similar activities that produce small chips or particles that fly in the air and might get to your eyes
  2. Work spraying, painting, metal related work, sanding, spot welding, or work that produces smoke, dust, or small particles that affect the surrounding air.
  3. The work of welding electricity, cutting with fire, working with a furnace or work done in a place near thermal energy or energy
  4. Work in handling acids, hot metal casting, which produces steam, gas, liquid, or spark

If you work in one of the field, make sure you wear protective glasses. That way, the potential danger can be minimized and the eye injures that are often caused by negligence of workers not need to happen again.

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s Steps Against Worker’s Eye Safety

We take steps to make the work environment as safe as possible for the eyes of workers. The following steps are taken:

  1. Conduct an assessment of potential eye hazards in the workplace
  2. Reducing the potential danger to the worker’s eyes
  3. Provide appropriate protective goggles that are needed by employees
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Speakers “Fire Pump” for Education & Training Program Fire & Rescue Dept. DKI Jakarta.

On November 8, 2019, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia had the opportunity of being guest speaker to share knowledge about fire pump at the event “Fireman Training for 200 Hours Program” organized by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Fire and Rescue Department. The event was attended by participants from central and state government.

In “Fire Pump” knowledge session, our Sales Engineer explained about basic pumps and simulation of pump operating. We hope the knowledge given can be used for improvement of the work in Fire and Rescue Department in our country.

This event is also a form of strategic partnership aim to support Government in a field of education activities.

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