One of our services is the pump testing facility. In this picture we are testing main cooling water pump from Flowserve with flow 13650 gpm, head 30 ft, with motor 155 kw 985 rpm.

Our testing facility provides pump performance and mechanical testing at our manufacturing plants in Kawasan Industri Pulogadung, Jakarta. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring and data collection software to test across the pump’s operating area


The facility is equipped with PLC system and control panel, connected to instrument and control valve installed on the testing facility. Pump testing process can be done automatically and all measurement data can be directly entered into pump data sheet required by customers. It will create a quick and efficient performance test process.

This facility also equipped with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) as to make it possible to test pump powered up to 8 MW.

If you have a need for pump testing, we welcome inquiries: