Vision & Mission

Vision of Torishima Guna Indonesia

To be recognized as a world class pump manufacture company committed to excellence.

Mission of Torishima Guna Indonesia

We develop, manufacture and provide high quality industrial pumps to satisfy customer requirement in infrastructure and industry for domestic and international market.

Core Value and Basic Views of the Company

  • Our employees are our most important capital, so we support and help them develop their potential to the maximum.
  • We run our business by prioritizing work safety, health and environmental sustainability.
  • We trust and respect each person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, origin or religion.
  • We really appreciate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • We believe that the reason we still established is because our dedication to our customers by providing the best quality products and services.
  • We run our business with ethical awareness, in accordance with government regulations and based on our belief in God Almighty.
  • We believe that changes will always occur in our business, so we are ready to change.

Basic Value

Recognize employee as the most valuable resources

Committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement

Conduct business ethically, in line with Government regulation

Protect and maintain a safe and healthy environment and support the community

Adopt continuous improvement

Policies & Basic Behaviour of the Company We always strive towards perfection

Our Work Philosophy

With the spirit of openness and cooperation, we develop an attitude of professionalism and support for independent capabilities.

Our Attitude Towards Change

We realize that we live in a fast world. Therefore we must always be alert, planning, pro-active and responsive to changes.

What We Do and What We Offer

We are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services.

Our Trust in Human Resources

We involve the company in making decisions by prioritizing the interests of the company.

Our Attitude Towards Customers

We have a commitment to customers to provide the best service.