The construction project for the Umbulan Drinking Water Supply System (Sistem Penyediaan Air Minum) in East Java has been declared 100 percent complete and has begun serving customers in the region. Torishima Indonesia is proud to have collaborated on this project, to help Indonesia’s government bring clean water to meet domestic needs so that the people at Java’s Eastern province can enjoy good quality drinking water at affordable price.

In this project our CDM double suction pump is used for transporting water because the challenge was to ensure a delivery clean water – flowing through a freshwater pipeline.

Our CDM double suction pump has large flow because there are two suction inlets on the impeller, this pump is newly designed with the most advanced hydraulic, can be opened in the middle of the pump body, the suction intake and discharge outlet are placed in the vertical axis of the pump. It has the compact structure, so there is no need to disassemble the pump during maintenance or replace the spare parts, providing less noise and vibration, wider operation range, lower NPSH required and higher efficiency.

Technical Data CDM :

Total heads up to 160m

Capacity up to 6000 m3/hr

Size 200 to 700 mm

Temperature up to 80℃

Particular in the pump efficiency, CDM is remarkably better than other brands, contributing to great cost reduction in operation.