PT Torishima Guna Indonesia, represented by Mr. Deni Wendiaman as General Manager, had the opportunity to attend the TKDN Talk Series III with the theme “Supporting National Strategic Projects: Observing the Downstream Oil and Gas Sector” organized by PT Surveyor Indonesia (PT SI) on November 30, 2021.

On this occasion, we as a domestic oil and gas supporting industry share experiences related to TKDN certification. We really appreciate the role of PT SI in helping the Government complete the Downstream Oil and Gas TKDN Limit.

In line with what was conveyed by Mr. Dody Widodo, Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) that industrial business performers, especially oil and gas businesses, must provide opportunities for domestic oil and gas supporting industries that have high TKDN values.

To be known, the achievement of the TKDN value of PT Torsihim Guna Indonesia’s pumps is recorded in the Domestic Product Appreciation Book (APDN Book), which is a book that contains a list of goods, a list of service providers and a list of capabilities local company who already have Oil and Gas SKUP in accordance with the provisions contained in PP Number 35 of 2004 concerning Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities.

The TKDN value of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s pumps exceeds 40 percent of the minimum value (according to the provisions based on the Decree of the Director General of Oil and Gas No. 179 K/DJM.S/2014 dated 27 March 2014) in which we categorized pumps as mandatory goods for Upstream Business activities. Oil and gas.

We are optimistic that the implementation of TKDN in the downstream oil and gas industry can be carried out well because it is supported by what has been conveyed by  VP Management of Local Content Utilization of PT Pertamina Holding (Persero) Mr. Abdul Manan in his seriousness to form a special function of TKDN at the level of VP in the organization to conduct socialization roadshows and Vendor Day marathons internally.

We are proud to be made in Indonesia.