Corporate social responsibility

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia believes that being able to become a strong company must be based on strong social concerns. This is reflected in PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s basic values series:
  1. Recognize employee as the most valuable resources
  2. Committed to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement
  3. Conduct business ethically, in line with Government regulation
  4. Protect and maintain a safe and healthy environment and support the community
  5. Adopt continuous improvement

The realization of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s social responsibility is an investment for the future as well as an opportunity to ensure that there is a harmonious and synergy relationship between the company and the environment & society and provide benefits that are mutually beneficial for both parties to grow together and support each other.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Field of Environment

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s CSR policy in the environmental field fully supports to protect and maintain ecosystem stability and the sustainability of natural resources. In line with our mother company philosophy, to contribute to the development of society in total harmony with environmental demands, it has fulfilled more sophisticated and diverse customer needs and has formed a solid position in the pump industry. CSR policies in the environmental field are integrated into occupational safety and health policies and environmental management that the company already has. Through this environmental CSR program policy, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia is very optimistic that the existence of the Company as an industrial pump manufacturer will be well received by society, shareholders, and stakeholders. PT Torishima Guna Indonesia always organizes industrial pump production activities that are based on insight into the environment and participate in efforts to create a clean and healthy environment.

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia has certification in the environmental field which includes Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001: 2007 and ISO 14001: 2015 concerning Environmental Management Systems.

Some concrete actions of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia in an effort to pay attention to the environmental sustainability aspects of the business location and the environment around the Company, are implemented by:

  • Maintain environmental sustainability to reduce negative environmental impacts and develop positive impacts and use natural resources wisely.
  • Obeying laws and regulations relating to environmental management standards and occupational safety, health (K3)
  • Creating a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment, as well as providing guidance for employees so that they can make maximum contributions.
  • Conduct environmental pollution prevention training
  • Committed to producing quality consumer products and services.


Corporate Social Responsibility in the Field of Employment, Occupational Safety and Health

The creation of solid industrial relations between the Company and all employees is one of the keys to the Company’s business sustainability. For this reason, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia continues to guarantee the rights and obligations of employees in accordance with the core values of the company’s basic views as a form of Company policy in the field of employment, safety and health. The core values of these basic views are:

  1. Employees are our most important capital, so we must help them develop their potential to the maximum.
  2. We run our business by prioritizing work safety, health and environmental sustainability.
  3. We trust and respect each person, regardless of gender, ethnicity, origin or religion.

With this belief, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia provides fair employment opportunities by recruiting employees regardless of ethnicity, religion, race, class, social level. The recruitment process is carried out by upholding the principle of equality, non-discrimination and transparency. Industrial relations are consistently maintained between the Company and all employees in an effort to form a strong foundation in the sustainability of the Company’s business. Career development in accordance with the performance and development of each employee’s abilities. In addition education and training are also held by the Company to gradually fulfill the competency needs of employees in certain positions.

While the implementation and maintenance of behavior that can realize occupational safety and health, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia implements the following:

  • Obeying laws and regulations and standards regarding work safety.
  • Provide work safety equipment that complies with standards and guarantees its use.
  • Carry out countermeasures for accidents, blasting and fires that occur in accordance with applicable standards and procedures.
  • Perform periodic checks, inspections and evaluations of all facilities to achieve optimal readiness.
  • Conduct continuous study and evaluation of the implementation of the K3 management system and improve employee competencies including work partners.
  • Registering employees in the labor social security program (BPJS Employment and Health) organized by the government.
  • Carry out medical check-ups regularly every year for all employees.


Corporate Responsibility in the Field of Social Humanity

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s CSR policy in the field of social humanity is a form of the Company’s social care to help people in need. The concrete form of the social activity is PT Torishima Guna Indonesia providing regular social assistance to orphanages that are outside and within the scope of the company. The program is one form of social responsibility to the society as well as a form of participating in maintaining the economic welfare of the society.