TKDN Talk Series : Supporting National Strategic Projects

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia, represented by Mr. Deni Wendiaman as General Manager, had the opportunity to attend the TKDN Talk Series III with the theme “Supporting National Strategic Projects: Observing the Downstream Oil and Gas Sector” organized by PT Surveyor Indonesia (PT SI) on November 30, 2021.

On this occasion, we as a domestic oil and gas supporting industry share experiences related to TKDN certification. We really appreciate the role of PT SI in helping the Government complete the Downstream Oil and Gas TKDN Limit.

In line with what was conveyed by Mr. Dody Widodo, Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) that industrial business performers, especially oil and gas businesses, must provide opportunities for domestic oil and gas supporting industries that have high TKDN values.

To be known, the achievement of the TKDN value of PT Torsihim Guna Indonesia’s pumps is recorded in the Domestic Product Appreciation Book (APDN Book), which is a book that contains a list of goods, a list of service providers and a list of capabilities local company who already have Oil and Gas SKUP in accordance with the provisions contained in PP Number 35 of 2004 concerning Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities.

The TKDN value of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s pumps exceeds 40 percent of the minimum value (according to the provisions based on the Decree of the Director General of Oil and Gas No. 179 K/DJM.S/2014 dated 27 March 2014) in which we categorized pumps as mandatory goods for Upstream Business activities. Oil and gas.

We are optimistic that the implementation of TKDN in the downstream oil and gas industry can be carried out well because it is supported by what has been conveyed by  VP Management of Local Content Utilization of PT Pertamina Holding (Persero) Mr. Abdul Manan in his seriousness to form a special function of TKDN at the level of VP in the organization to conduct socialization roadshows and Vendor Day marathons internally.

We are proud to be made in Indonesia.

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Torishima Pump – Having High Score of Local Content (TKDN) Certificate

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia fully supports government programs related to the use of Indonesian-made products and increasing the Domestic Content Level (TKDN). To note, TKDN is the number of components contained in goods, services and a combination of goods and services. Meanwhile, the rules regarding TKDN are contained in Government Regulation (PP) Number 29 of 2018 concerning Industrial Empowerment.

We, as the manufacturer of the Torishima brand pump, have long had a high TKDN value for pump units and for pump packages. This achievement is proof that PT Torishima Guna Indonesia participates in helping the use of local products to empower small and medium industries in the country in the production process.

The achievement of the TKDN value for the Torsihima pump is also registered in the Appreciation Book for Domestic Products (the APDN Book), which is a book containing a list of goods, a list of service providers and a list of the capabilities of domestic producers who already have an Oil and Gas SKUP in accordance with the regulations contained in PP No. 35 of 2004 concerning Upstream Oil and Gas Business activities.

Due to the TKDN value of the Torishima pump which exceeds 40 percent of the minimum value (according to the provisions based on the Decree of the Director General of Oil and Gas No. 179 K/DJM.S/2014 dated 27 March 2014) our pump category is a mandatory item for Upstream Oil and Gas Business activities.

We are optimistic that this achievement can increase the use of Torishima pumps for tenders or direct electronic purchases in the process of procuring goods or services. Proud to be made in Indonesia.

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Implementation of the COVID-19 Health Protocol at PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia

Recently, the number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta has increased. Many companies have been affected and their employees have contracted the virus. In an effort to prevent COVID-19 within the company, PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia has always consistently implemented the Company Protocol regarding the prevention of Covid-19, in accordance with the Circular Letter (SE) of the Minister of Manpower (reference to M/3/HK.04/III/2020).

Among some important content during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies must adhere to the following rules:
1. Workers with the status of People Under Supervision (ODP) may not come to work for a maximum of 14 days, and their wages are paid in full
2. Workers with suspected Covid-19 status and undergoing quarantine according to the doctor’s statement, are not allowed to work and their wages are paid in full. Workers with Covid-19 as evidenced by a doctor’s letter, are not allowed to work and their wages are paid in full
3. The company limits its business activities in accordance with local government policies. By implementing the above, the company plays a role in preventing and controlling Covid-19.

In addition to health in office and industrial workplaces, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia always follows the rules of the Minister of Health (reference to HK.01.07/MENKES/328/2020), here are some of our programs including:
1. Forming a Covid-19 handling team at work
2. Provide policies and procedures for suspected cases of Covid-19
3. Don’t stigmatize Covid-19 patients
4. Determine which important jobs have to go to the office and which ones can work from home (work from home)
5. Checking the temperature in the workplace Not applying the working hours that are not too long (overtime)
6. Hold the night shift until morning if possible.
7. Night shift workers are only for workers under 50 years old
8. Regulate nutritional intake at work
9. Ensure the workplace is clean and regularly disinfected
10. Maintain air quality and circulation in the workplace Provide plenty of hand washing stations, instructions, educational posters and hand sanitizer
11. Apply a minimum distance of 1 meter at space of work
12. Campaigning for cough etiquette and avoiding the use of personal items at the same time, such as prayer utensils, eating utensils and the like Require all workers to wear masks while working Forbidding workers to come to the office if they show symptoms of Covid-19
13. Fully support employees to carry out vaccines by giving special permission to employees during the vaccination process.

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Implementation of ISO 45001:2018 at PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia

PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia as a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps in Indonesia has implemented standards of integrated management system, including in terms of Quality (QMS) which implements ISO 9001:2015, in terms of Environment / EMS applies ISO 14001:2015, and also the latest , the implementation of  OHS / OHSMS with ISO 45001: 2018, which in 2019 has been implemented as an upgrade from OHSAS 18001 as the only SMK3 standard that applies internationally.

There is a fundamental difference between ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001. Structurally, the ISO 45001 system aims to facilitate the process of implementing and integrating several other management systems so that they can be integrated efficiently and systematically. Then there is Organizational Context which considers the OHS aspect as an impact not only on workers but also on the wider community, namely the surrounding community. ISO 45001 demands the incorporation of occupational health and safety aspects in the overall management system of the organization, thereby encouraging top management and other departments besides the department.
OHS, to have a strong leadership role in the OHS management system. ISO 45001 also requires organizations to take into account how suppliers and contractors manage their risks.

In May 2021, PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia has carried out the ISO 45001:2018 Surveillance Audit. Among the principles that must be considered is the Organization must identify and know related issues involving K3 as the impact of business integrity and become the basis for continuous improvement to be implemented. Organizations are also required to comply with applicable regulations related to OSH, both state and city government regulations, for example by conducting regular monitoring of work areas in terms of physics, chemistry, and biology. Monitoring of noise, lighting, ISBB and vibration. To certify operators and production and utility equipment such as Crane certification in the form of SILO (Operation Proper License) and Operators who use the Crane in the form of SIO (Operator Permit).

PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia as a Manufacturing that involves a lathe / machining process has a variety of lathes, for this reason, PTP (Production Power Plane) certification must also be carried out

As supporting material transportation, we also use forklifts to facilitate material mobilization and we are committed to training certified forklift users/drivers before using them.

ISO 45001 takes a systematic and comprehensive approach to occupational safety & health. This is the answer to the question of how to prevent work accidents that occur continuously. Occupational Health and Safety is Important and a Shared Responsibility. As a form of management’s commitment to the implementation of ISO 45001:2018, we carry out an annual Management Review of all aspects of interest and risks that are integrated with the OHS & environmental system.

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The importance of choosing the right pump

90% of pump failures occur due to a mistake in choosing the right pump. A lot of money, time and effort are wasted as a result of using a pump that is not at its optimal capacity. Let’s take a look at why choosing the right pump is important?

The pump function is basically moves fluids by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into hydraulic energy, but that does not mean that all pumps can be used in every application. So if we choose a pump only from its function it is certainly not correct. Especially if the function is based on wanting to get cheaper costs.

We understand that every business has a tight budget for any unnecessary expenses. But in the long run, choosing the right pump will actually provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Security

With the right pump, we guarantee there won’t be any leaks.

  • Maintenance

If we choose an unsuitable pump, valves, impellers and other components of the pump will fail because they are used for applications that were not designed for that. This of course will incur significant costs for repairs through replacement and maintenance of spare parts. Choosing the right pump will also limit the amount of maintenance required and hence reduce costs in the long run.

  • Efficiency

By choosing the right pump, we will have a big advantage in terms of efficiency. It will pump a larger volume of fluid and faster. This will certainly complete the work on time, which will further reduce costs. In addition, efficiency also results in reduced energy use. With the right pump, we will reduce operating costs.

And what are the failures that result from the wrong choice of an improper pump:

  1. The pump is made of a material designed to handle fluids and is used to transport abrasive or corrosive substances. This means the pump is in a hard conditionthat is over production limits. The result? Failures and leaks.
  2. .NPSH was not properly selected before installation. NPSH is used to measure the possibility of cavitation caused by flashing (evaporation). Again, this occurs when the pump asked to handle a higher suction lift that was not designed for it.
  3. Incorrect evaluation of the best efficiency point (BEP). The best efficiency point will provide the ideal parameters for getting the best out of the pump.If this is exceeded, problems such as cavitation will occur.
  4. Significant environmental changes. This occurs when the source / material being pumped is not what it was intended for. If the pump is not designed for that particular use, failure will occur.
  5. Installation of low-quality pumps also causes premature failure and other problems.
  6. Likewise, due to budget constraints, we sometimes prefer the cheapest option. But if the cheapest option is not designed for a specific use of the pump, then failure will occur.
  7. In other cases some users may be familiar with a particular type of pump and therefore use the same model throughout the work unit. However, if the pump was asked to handle different materials at different pressures and flow rates, it would not work.

Get the Right Pump with Torishima.

If you are unsure about choosing the right pump for your needs, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia is ready to help. Our highly trained Sales and Technicians are ready to answer any questions you have and help you identify the best option for your budget.

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SPAM Project Umbulan East Java

The construction project for the Umbulan Drinking Water Supply System (Sistem Penyediaan Air Minum) in East Java has been declared 100 percent complete and has begun serving customers in the region. Torishima Indonesia is proud to have collaborated on this project, to help Indonesia’s government bring clean water to meet domestic needs so that the people at Java’s Eastern province can enjoy good quality drinking water at affordable price.

In this project our CDM double suction pump is used for transporting water because the challenge was to ensure a delivery clean water – flowing through a freshwater pipeline.

Our CDM double suction pump has large flow because there are two suction inlets on the impeller, this pump is newly designed with the most advanced hydraulic, can be opened in the middle of the pump body, the suction intake and discharge outlet are placed in the vertical axis of the pump. It has the compact structure, so there is no need to disassemble the pump during maintenance or replace the spare parts, providing less noise and vibration, wider operation range, lower NPSH required and higher efficiency.

Technical Data CDM :

Total heads up to 160m

Capacity up to 6000 m3/hr

Size 200 to 700 mm

Temperature up to 80℃

Particular in the pump efficiency, CDM is remarkably better than other brands, contributing to great cost reduction in operation.



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Pump Test Activity

One of our services is the pump testing facility. In this picture we are testing main cooling water pump from Flowserve with flow 13650 gpm, head 30 ft, with motor 155 kw 985 rpm.

Our testing facility provides pump performance and mechanical testing at our manufacturing plants in Kawasan Industri Pulogadung, Jakarta. We utilize state-of-the-art monitoring and data collection software to test across the pump’s operating area


The facility is equipped with PLC system and control panel, connected to instrument and control valve installed on the testing facility. Pump testing process can be done automatically and all measurement data can be directly entered into pump data sheet required by customers. It will create a quick and efficient performance test process.

This facility also equipped with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) as to make it possible to test pump powered up to 8 MW.

If you have a need for pump testing, we welcome inquiries:

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Kegiatan Prokes Covid 19 TGI

Working Safely During Covid-19

In anticipation of the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19), PT Torishima Guna Indonesia consistently carries out disinfectant spraying activities in the workplace environment, provides hand washing facilities with liquid soap or hand sanitizer, requires wearing masks, checks body temperature for employees before entering work, and educating all employees on a healthy lifestyle.

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia has also prepared a protocol for receiving guests who visit by requiring body temperature checks and washing hands before entering the office area.

This is a form of the seriousness of the management of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia in mitigating the transmission of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the Torishima Guna Group area and to ensure the implementation of the Occupational Safety and Health (K3) protocol so that workers work productively, safely and healthily.

In addition, it is also to support the Government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19) and protect employees, guests / visitors in the Torishima Guna Group area from the risk of transmission of the Corona virus (Covid-19) ).

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Guest Protocol COVID TGI jpg

Covid 19 Protocols – PT TGI

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia consistently implements health protocols in an effort to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus at work area

to protect employees, because we believe employees are valuable assets for the company. Health protocols that have been implemented include:

  • Determine working hours and working time
  • Implementation of the Covid-19 protocol at work area
  • Forming the company’s internal Covid-19 Team
  • Perform routine disinfection at work area
  • Take body temperature measurements in the entrance area
  • Provide sanitary hygiene tools such as hand sanitizers in the entrance area and around the work area
  • Provide facilities for washing hands with soap and running water
  • Monitor the health conditions of all employees to ensure that employees are not infected with Covid-19
  • Require guests / visitors to fill out the Covid-19 self-assessment form to avoid transmission caused by outside parties.

To fill out the Covid-19 self-assessment form, you can click QHSE menu on our website , or you can scan QR code attached on this picture article.


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Eye Safety in Workplace

An article in Safety & Health magazine said, every day more than a thousand eye injuries occur at work. Eye injuries result in medical costs of more than $ 3 million annually. Not to mention other impacts that result in decreased or hampered production and compensation costs that must be incurred on workers.

Ironically it should not have happened. Because the use of protective glasses can prevent up to 90% of potential accidents to the eye. However, because lack of awareness of workers who make use of eye protection equipment is often ignored. Therefore, it is very important for all parties to keep reminding why wearing eye protection is very important in the workplace. This is intended to prevent eye injuries.

What kinds of job can be happened to eye hazard?

  1. Work hammering, sculpting, grinding, wood-related work, or similar activities that produce small chips or particles that fly in the air and might get to your eyes
  2. Work spraying, painting, metal related work, sanding, spot welding, or work that produces smoke, dust, or small particles that affect the surrounding air.
  3. The work of welding electricity, cutting with fire, working with a furnace or work done in a place near thermal energy or energy
  4. Work in handling acids, hot metal casting, which produces steam, gas, liquid, or spark

If you work in one of the field, make sure you wear protective glasses. That way, the potential danger can be minimized and the eye injures that are often caused by negligence of workers not need to happen again.

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia’s Steps Against Worker’s Eye Safety

We take steps to make the work environment as safe as possible for the eyes of workers. The following steps are taken:

  1. Conduct an assessment of potential eye hazards in the workplace
  2. Reducing the potential danger to the worker’s eyes
  3. Provide appropriate protective goggles that are needed by employees
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