Exercise in the Workplace : For Better Productivity & Employee Bonding

A daily exercises performed in PT Torishima Guna Indonesia by our employee every day before starting their job. The routine started at 7.30 to 8.00 in the morning, followed by daily working brief in each department.

Morning exercises are a simple and proven effective way to activate the internal resources of the body, stock up on vitality, increase productivity and efficiency for the whole day.

The idea behind these activities is also to breakdown barriers between employees. and facilitate a more open work environment.  It’s so important for employees to find ways to bond with one another  and to build stronger connections.

Because we believe that healthy employees brings a lot of merit to our business, not only it increases productivity, we can keep employees to work our company for a longer time, it is also helping them to embrace feeling vulnerable and hopefully, bringing the team closer as a result.

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Torishima at Palmex Indonesia 2022

Palmex Indonesia 2022 is the ideal forum for palm oil industries in Asia that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream palm oil companies and also its supporting industries to showcase the latest developments in the palm oil industry. The event, held on 25– 27th October at Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel & Convention Medan – Indonesia, included 150 brands from 5 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and China) more than 4000 visitors, and 3 days forum sessions to provide a platform for sharing.

This is the first time PT Torishima Guna Indonesia joining Palmex. We showcased 1 booth at this exhibition which were located in the indoor areas, attracted visitors interested in our pump as a supporting players  for the palm oil mill industry.

Torishima has a complete range of pumping solutions for the palm oil mill industry, our pump have been a crucial factor in the success of many palm oil facilities. Please contact us and see how we can help in your palm oil pumping application.

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Rakernas Iperindo 2022

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia attended the National Business Meeting (Rakernas) Indonesian Association of Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry Companies (Iperindo) on 8-9 December 2022 at the Aruna Senggigi Hotel, Lombok.

This Rakernas is filled with various activities, including the signing of an MoU with LSP, and a Seminar entitled Outlook on the National Shipping Industry Amid the Potential for a Global Recession in 2023, by presenting a number of important speakers.

The information and input in this Rakernas helps Iperindo members to deal with the development of the shipping industry in 2023. In line with Iperindo’s encouragement to increase the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) as well as development and collaboration with various parties such as the Indonesian Classification Bureau (BKI), this has also been carried out by PT Torishima Guna Indonesia so far.

Torishima pumps are TKDN certified with an achievement of more than 40% and BKI certified which allows customers to recognize if our pumps are manufactured according to the standards and regulations listed in the BKI. Prove that PT Torishima Guna Indonesia continues to support the development of the Indonesian Shipping Industry.

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Break Fasting With Orphans – PT TGI

Break fasting together also known as Buka puasa bersama is the meal taken by Muslims after sunset during Ramadhan. This activity is a routine activity carried out every year in the month of Ramadan by PT Torishima Guna Indonesia. This year our theme is “Ramadan Berkah Tebarkan Kebahagiaan” means Blessed Ramadan Spread Happiness. The main priority is love that cares about sharing with fellow human beings (Orphanage and disable kid) by provides gifts for children as well as some daily necessities.

This activity also share some spiritual learning from Surah Saba (34:39 Quran) Say, “Indeed, my Lord extends provision for whom He wills of His servants and restricts [it] for him. But whatever thing you spend [in His cause] – He will compensate it; and He is the best of providers”.

Hopefully the presence of  PT Torishima Guna Indonesia in the community can strengthen it as a channel for sharing blessings for others . The beauty of sharing, the beauty of togetherness.

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Mr.Kotaro Harada, President & CEO Torishima Visit TGI

On May 31, 2022, our President & CEO Mr.Kotaro Harada and Deputy CEO Mr.Gerry Ashe of Torishima Pump Mf., Co., Ltd. conducted visit to PT Torishima Guna Indonesia (TGI).

The factory visit was held successfully with a detailed schedule to introduce the capabilities of TGI factory, product innovation and improvement quality meeting.

We also took this opportunity to show our “togetherness” as a  team and how amazing it is to work with people that share the same passion and values for Torishima.

Coming together was a great beginning for us. Keeping things together was a way to progress. But working and making improvement together is a success for us. A good team leads a successful company and we are proud to say that we have the best amongst us.

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BKI certificates for Torishima Marine Pump

To ensure that Torishima pumps supplied to our customers in the Marine Industry sector, Badan Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) conducts a direct inspection of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia to prove the consistency of the quality of the Torishima pumps in accordance with the specifications required by BKI regulations.

This is proof that Torishima pumps involved in ship classification have complied with regulations and have quality consistency in accordance with the specifications required by BKI. A Certificate of Approval will then be issued.

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Training – Improvement the Capability of Human Resources for Foundry Industry

On September 17-27, 2019 PT. Geteka Founindo which is an affiliated company of PT Torishima Guna Indonesia was held a Training of Improvement Human Resources Capability for Casting. This training is the second time for PT. Geteka Founindo which is fully supported by the Ministry of Industry of Republic Indonesia. The training was attended by 25 participants from various industries.

Training material provided includes knowledge of metal casting, construction and casting design, metal casting processes, cast iron casting (FC and FCD), measurement and testing of casting, defects in metal casting, and practical work in pattern, molding and melting processes.

Trainers who gave the lesson are lecturer in mechanical design technology and metal casting technology from Bandung Manufacture Polytechnic (POLMAN). This training was also filled with hands-on activities where PT Geteka Founindo employees who were experts in the foundry field gave some practical work related to learning material in class.

It is expected that from this training the participants can get enough knowledge, skills, and attitude to do the tasks that will be given later and can have interest and awareness to their work.

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Speakers “Fire Pump” for Education & Training Program Fire & Rescue Dept. DKI Jakarta.

On November 8, 2019, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia had the opportunity of being guest speaker to share knowledge about fire pump at the event “Fireman Training for 200 Hours Program” organized by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta, Fire and Rescue Department. The event was attended by participants from central and state government.

In “Fire Pump” knowledge session, our Sales Engineer explained about basic pumps and simulation of pump operating. We hope the knowledge given can be used for improvement of the work in Fire and Rescue Department in our country.

This event is also a form of strategic partnership aim to support Government in a field of education activities.

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The importance of choosing the right pump

90% of pump failures occur due to a mistake in choosing the right pump. A lot of money, time and effort are wasted as a result of using a pump that is not at its optimal capacity. Let’s take a look at why choosing the right pump is important?

The pump function is basically moves fluids by mechanical action, typically converted from electrical energy into hydraulic energy, but that does not mean that all pumps can be used in every application. So if we choose a pump only from its function it is certainly not correct. Especially if the function is based on wanting to get cheaper costs.

We understand that every business has a tight budget for any unnecessary expenses. But in the long run, choosing the right pump will actually provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Security

With the right pump, we guarantee there won’t be any leaks.

  • Maintenance

If we choose an unsuitable pump, valves, impellers and other components of the pump will fail because they are used for applications that were not designed for that. This of course will incur significant costs for repairs through replacement and maintenance of spare parts. Choosing the right pump will also limit the amount of maintenance required and hence reduce costs in the long run.

  • Efficiency

By choosing the right pump, we will have a big advantage in terms of efficiency. It will pump a larger volume of fluid and faster. This will certainly complete the work on time, which will further reduce costs. In addition, efficiency also results in reduced energy use. With the right pump, we will reduce operating costs.

And what are the failures that result from the wrong choice of an improper pump:

  1. The pump is made of a material designed to handle fluids and is used to transport abrasive or corrosive substances. This means the pump is in a hard conditionthat is over production limits. The result? Failures and leaks.
  2. .NPSH was not properly selected before installation. NPSH is used to measure the possibility of cavitation caused by flashing (evaporation). Again, this occurs when the pump asked to handle a higher suction lift that was not designed for it.
  3. Incorrect evaluation of the best efficiency point (BEP). The best efficiency point will provide the ideal parameters for getting the best out of the pump.If this is exceeded, problems such as cavitation will occur.
  4. Significant environmental changes. This occurs when the source / material being pumped is not what it was intended for. If the pump is not designed for that particular use, failure will occur.
  5. Installation of low-quality pumps also causes premature failure and other problems.
  6. Likewise, due to budget constraints, we sometimes prefer the cheapest option. But if the cheapest option is not designed for a specific use of the pump, then failure will occur.
  7. In other cases some users may be familiar with a particular type of pump and therefore use the same model throughout the work unit. However, if the pump was asked to handle different materials at different pressures and flow rates, it would not work.

Get the Right Pump with Torishima.

If you are unsure about choosing the right pump for your needs, PT Torishima Guna Indonesia is ready to help. Our highly trained Sales and Technicians are ready to answer any questions you have and help you identify the best option for your budget.

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ISO 45001:2018 Dalam Penerapannya Di PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia

PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia sebagai produsen pompa sentrifugal di Indonesia telah menerapkan beberapa standar management system yang terintegrasi, diantaranya dari sisi Kualitas (QMS) yang menerapkan ISO 9001:2015, dari sisi Lingkungan / EMS menerapkan ISO 14001:2015, dan juga yang terbaru yaitu penerapan dari sisi K3 / OHSMS dengan ISO 45001:2018, yang pada tahun 2019 telah diterapkan sebagai upgrade dari OHSAS 18001 selaku satu – satunya standar SMK3 yang berlaku secara International.

Pada prinsipnya ada perbedaan mendasar antara ISO 45001 dengan OHSAS 18001. yaitu secara struktur sistem ISO 45001 bertujuan untuk memfasilitasi proses implementasi dan integrasi beberapa sistem manajemen lainnya sehingga dapat dipadukan secara efisien dan sistematis. Kemudian ada Konteks Organisasi yang mempertimbangkan aspek K3 sebagai dampak tidak hanya pekerja namun juga masyarakat yang lebih luas yaitu komunitas di sekitarnya.ISO 45001 menuntut penggabungan dari aspek kesehatan dan keselamatan kerja dalam keseluruhan sistem manajemen organisasi, dengan demikian mendorong top manajemen dan departemen lainnya selain departemen K3, untuk memiliki peran kepemimpinan yang kuat terhadap sistem manajemen K3. ISO 45001 juga mempersyaratkan organisasi untuk memperhitungkan bagaimana pemasok dan kontraktor mengelola resikonya.

Pada Bulan Mei 2021, PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia telah melaksanakan Audit Surveillance ISO 45001:2018. Diantara hal – hal prinsip yang harus diperhatikan adalah Organisasi wajib mengidentifikasi dan mengetahui isu – isu terkait yang melibatkan K3 sebagai dampak dari keutuhan bisnis dan menjadi dasar continous improvement yang akan diterapkan. Organisasi juga wajib mematuhi peraturan yang berlaku terkait K3 baik peraturan skala Negara maupun skala pemerintah kota, misalkan melakukan secara pemantauan area kerja secara berkala dalam aspek fisika, kimia, dan biologi. Pemantauan kebisingan, pencahayaan, ISBB, dan getaran. Melakukan sertifikasi terhadap operator dan equipment produksi maupun utility seperti sertifikasi Crane dalam bentuk SILO (Surat Izin Laik Operasi) dan Operator yang menggunakan Crane tersebut dalam bentuk SIO (Surat Izin Operator).

PT. Torishima Guna Indonesia sebagai Pabrik Manufaktur yang melibatkan proses bubut / machining memiliki bermacam mesin bubut, untuk itu wajib juga dilakukan sertifikasi PTP (Pesawat Tenaga Produksi)

Sebagai supporting pengangkutan material kami juga menggunakan Forklift untuk mempermudah mobilisasi material dan kami berkomitmen untuk melatih pengguna / driver forklift yang telah disertifikasi sebelum menggunakannya.

ISO 45001 melakukan pendekatan mengenai keselamatan & kesehatan kerja secara sistematis dan komprehensif. Hal ini menjadi jawaban dari pertanyaan tentang bagaimana mencegah kecelakaan kerja terjadi terus-menerus. Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja Adalah Hal Penting dan Menjadi Tanggung Jawab Bersama. Sebagai bentuk komitmen manajemen terhadap penerapan ISO 45001:2018, kami melaksanakan Management Review tahunan terhadap semua aspek kepentingan bisnis beserta resiko dan peluangnya yang terintegrasi dengan sistem K3 & Lingkungan.

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