Company Name : PT. Geteka Founindo

Established : April 15th, 1992

Status :  Foreign Investment (PMA)

Investment :  USD 6,000,000.00

Employee : 143 (As of 31 March 2018)

Head office : Jl. Pulo Ayang No.AA. 2, Pulogadung Industrial Estate

Vision Mission

We provide high quality ferrous and non ferrous “Original equipment for manufacturer” (OEM) Casting of International standard according to customer specifications and deliver “Just In Time” within the pump industry to support the industrial society.



We Produce Ferrous and non Ferrous castings with a wide range specifications from simple to complex design with “Just in Time” Delivery System and quality of international standard for local and overseas market, particularly Japanese market.

Material Specification


Pattern Shop

Lathe Machine (Ø600 mm), Disc Sander (Ø1.000 mm), Cylinder Sander Drilling Machine (600 mm swing over), Band Saw, Planner, etc.

Material : Wooden, Epoxy Resin, Metal, Poly Urethane

Molding & Core making with FURAN Process

Sand Mixer for Mold (Cap. 10 Tons/hr & 5 Tons/hr)

Sand Mixer for Core (Cap 5 Tons/hr)

Shake Out & Sand Re claimer Machine (Cap 5 Tons/Hr)


Induction Furnace 1 x 1.000 Kg

Induction Furnace 2 x 500 Kg

Crucible Furnace 1 x 300 Kg (for Bronze)

Fettling & Heat Treatment

Shot Blast Machine (Cap 2 Tons)

Gouging & Welding Machine, Cutting & Grinding Machine

Annealing Furnace (Cap 2.4 m x 1.5 m x 1.0 m)


Spectrometer for Chemical Analysis

Computerized CE Meter

Hardness Tester (HB)

Sand Tester (LOI, Sand Distribution, Compression Strength, etc.)

Why Must You Choose GTK as Your Partner or Casting Part Supplier?

  • We provide a solid engineering team to design, to plan, and to control the whole production operation
  • We have In House and Out House Training Program to create Skillful Employees
  • GTK Founindo is Comprehensive Foundry with a pattern making Facility, Production Facility, and Laboratory Facility
  • We use Furan Molding System and Induction Furnace Melting Methods to guarantee that our customers get the highest quality casting,
  • We Produce Ferrous and non Ferrous casting with a wide range of specifications from simple to complex design
  • The Implementation of ISO 9001:2015 at our company in every production and business process ensures Total Customers Satisfactions
  • We Practices Total Quality Control in responding to the fast technology development and the ever higher customers’ requirement and specifications
  • GTK Founindo is a part of Torishima Guna Group