To capture the development of the market as well as to meet customer’s demand. PT Torishima Guna Indonesia continuously improve its capabilities in the area of pump production. One of our activities is trying to increase our capability in the production of new generation of hi-tech pumps, in particular pumps for power generations.

PT Torishima Guna Indonesia Testing facility will be able to test new generation of pumps, wich have high capacity and pressure.

The Testing Facility comprises two piping system :

  • Low Pressure Facility Test (LPFT)
  • High Pressure Facility Test (HPFT)

The selection of the testing system shall be based on the pressure and the flow capacity of the tested pumps.

The facility is equipped with PLC system and control panel, connected to instrument and control valve installed on the testing facility. Pump testing process can be done automatically and all measurement data can be directly entered into pump data sheet required by customers. It will create a quick and efficient performance test process.

This facility also equipped with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) as to make it possible to test pump powered up to 8 MW.


Pump Type End Suction, Horizontal Split case, Multistage, Vertical Suspended, Submersible, Positive Displacement
Pump Size High Pressure, Big Capacity, up to 200 bars, 15000 m3/hr and 1MW
Pumped Media Water with ambient temperature and elevated temperature:  for oil or process fluid, the testing with water is converted.
Power Supply Low Voltage and Medium Voltage to 6600 Volt, power source from PLN
Pump Speed At rated speed and reduced speed : rated speed up to 1 MW input power and reduced speed for bigger pump driver more than 1 MW
NPSH Test With closed loop type piping system for the end suction, small to medium size split case and mutistage pumps.


Piping 1 inch (DN25mm) up to 32 inch (dN800mm), pressure up to 200 bars (3000 psi) for high pressure piping up to 8 inch (DN200mm)
Valve Butterfly and globe valve 1 inch up to 32 inch; manual and motorized control.
Flow Meter Utramagnetic flow meter & ultrasonic type
Control Panel System Centralized operation from control desk : Variable frequency drive, low voltage (up to 500 kW) and Medium Voltage (up to 1 MW)
Instrument Temperature, Suction & Discharge Pressure, Water level
Water Reservoir 200 m3 water pond separated by water gate for suction water level control
Water Tank Stainless steel pressure tank for close loop system test & NPSH test
Pump Priming Vacuum pump
Bottom Base Fine machined cast iron
Test Motor Up to 500 kW ; for bigger pump use job motor
Measurement Tools Vibration probe & analyser, temperature gun & sensor, sound test, digital tachometer tools.
Over Head Crane Up to 10 tons


We have 6 lines testing facility (4 closed loop and 2 open loop system)


Diesel Engine Customized piping system for diesel engine pum testing, availabe up on request

Latest Activity

  • Capacity : 2000 GPM
  • Total Head : 91.32 m
  • Engine : Clarke JUGH 260 HP/2100
  • Capacity up to 1440m3/h / 6.336 USgpm
  • Total Head : up to 200m / 672ft
  • 1450 rpm, 13m3/hr x 95m 1800m/h
  • DN 400 – PN 25
  • Capacity : 500 GPM
  • Total Head : 309 psi
  • Engine: 183HP 1760 RPM
  • Capacity : 1000m/
  • Total head : 160
  • Motor : 55kw 2950 Rpm
  • WM 2x3x12 18.5 kw
  • Q x H: 5504 GPM x 492 ft
  • Disch Flange:18″, ANSI 300#, End
  • Power: 1000 HP @ 1465 Rpm, 6.6kV/3Ph/50Hz
  • Capacity : up to 6000 m
  • Total head : up to 160 m
  • Size : 200 to 700 mm
  • Temperature : up to 80℃
  • Capacity: 500 l/s
  • Size : 500×400 GN
  • Total Head : 60
  • Temperature : 90℃
  • Capacity : 568.2 m3/h
  • Size : 250-250
  • Total Head : 9.14m
  • Temperature : 15℃
  • Capacity : 568.2 m3/h
  • Size : 300 X 250 kn
  • Total Head : 9.14m
  • Temperature : 25℃